Nov 14 2015 Year-end Members’ Medal

This year-ending Member’s medal was sponsored Cang Pin Ge Culture on 14 November. It was the first time that the Eco-city golf club had partnered Cang PinGe Culture, which aimed to create more cultural, health and civilization awareness. The event lived up to expectations with live star appearances, speeches and prizes. The host of prizes include a RMB700,000 Jeep utility truck.

The participants were greeted by local famous actor Mr. Wang Kuirong and the CCTV veteran sports commentator Mr Sun Zhengping, of whom aroused and hype up the atmosphere with photo takings with the stars. Mr Xu Liqi won the overall gross score champion (73) and walked away with a set of Titleist iron clubs. Our member Zhang Feng won the member’s annual champion.

The hole in one prize of a RMB700,000 Jeep Utility truck

The specially made wooden plaque for the winners

The works from famous calligraphers

The prize for the Gross Champion in 2015: a set of Titlist Irons worth 11,520 yuan.